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Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus

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Kingsoft Internet Security which works analyze your computer's health index.

It contains anti-virus, anti-malware, a vulnerability scanner and personal firewall. Find and fix rootkits, spyware, trojans, virus and malware infections. It can comprehensive protection to your computer PC with the best value.

Kingsoft AntiVirus

  • Kingsoft AntiVirusKingsoft AntiVirus is a professional antivirus program, which offers overall protection for your computer. It provides real-time checking for your currently using files and has a new approach against suspicious software communication, virus embedding and distributed attacks on computers across the Internet and computer networks. Automatically schedule a scan with complete confidence or manually scan your drives as you choose. And , it is small in size and will not slow down your system.
Kingsoft AntiSopyware 9 Plus

Kingsoft AntiSpyware

  • Kingsoft AntiSpywareKingsoft AntiSpyware includes a very fast malware scanner that will find and fix active rootkit, spyware, trojan, vulnerabilities, suspicious file, virus and malware infections. Your computer will be more safe and run faster.

    Your computer will be more safe and run faster with spyware.

Kingsoft Personal Firewall 9 Plus

Kingsoft Personal Firewall

  • Kingsoft Presonal FirewallKingsoft Personal Firewall is a professional firewall program. It allows individual users to set different security levels as they need. Its functions cover not only its monitoring to Internet traffic, Internet status and IP rule editing, but also the capability of program network access control and Hacker and Trojan interceptions.
Kingsoft AntiVirus 9 Plus
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VB100 certification for Kingsoft Internet Security
Kingsoft Internet Security 9 passes VB100 certification
Virus Bulletin's unique VB100 certification scheme provides an unbiased picture of how anti-malware products fare in a competitive analysis.
Checkmark certification for Kingsoft Internet Security
Kingsoft Internet Security 9 passes CheckMark certification
WCL specializes in functionality testing, performance validation and the Checkmark Certification of information security products and services.
Windows 7 certification for Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Windows 7 CertificationWorks with Windows 7
Vista certification for Kingsoft Internet Security 9
Kingsoft Internet Security 9 passes Mark Windows Vista Certification
Works with Windows Vista

Kingsoft Internet Security 9 Plus Key Features

1. Multiple Protection System:
Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ adopts authoritative technologies, scans for 9+ viruses and Trojans and intercepts malicious actions. The all-around protection ensure your computer is secure from any potential risks

2. One-to-One Security Analysis:
Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ scans up to 1000 critical areas of your system. With the help of authoritative technologies and many monitor centers, it can judge intelligently whether your computer is safe or not.

3. Pre-emptive Scan and Removal:
It ensures that all of the viruses, Trojans, malware and some other threats be removed before they begin to attack your computer.

4. System Security Enhancement Plan:
With the ability to analyze and even handle the potential malicious software and some other suspicious files, it helps you to react to the unknown riskware as early as possible and ensure your system's security.

5. Trojan Webshield:
Trojan Webshield monitors website behaviors when you are surfing the Internet and blocks Trojans that may be downloaded by taking advantage of website vulnerabilities. And, the email scanner will automatically scan your communication against viruses and spam.
The Trojan Webshield will protect you when you access the Internet and the built-in email scanner will automatically scan your communication against viruses and spam.

6. Active Vulnerability Fix:
It updates its virus definitions at earliest time possible to patch your system with the most current Microsoft Window Update.

7. Automatic Update:
It automatically renews your virus definitions everyday and defends your computer against the latest viruses and Trojans.

8. Scan for Viruses, Trojans and Malware:
With the help of a series of advanced technologies such as Data Stream Engine and Unpacking, it can scan and remove all of the viruses, Trojans and malware on your computer and accordingly, ensure your computer's security.

Operating System:

  • Windows 2000 Professional;

    Windows XP Professional(32 bit);

    Windows XP Home (32 bits);

    Windows Vista (32 bit);

    Windows 7 (32 bit);

Basic Configurations:

  • CPU:Pentium II 600MHz;

    Memory:Win 2000 128MB (Recommend 256 MB or higher)

    Win XP 256MB (Recommend 512 MB or higher)

    Win Vista 512MB (Recommend 1GB or higher) 

    Hard disk: at least 300MB free space

    Screen Resolution: 1024x768

    Color Quality: 32 bit or higher

    IE: 5.0.2314 or higher

1. Q : What is the difference between Kingsoft AntiVirus and Kingsoft Personal Firewall ?

A: Kingsoft AntiVirus is a professional antivirus program, which offers overall protection for your computer. While Kingsoft Personal Firewall is a professional firewall program, which is internet security software offering network protection for personal computers. It sets different security levels according to the users’ different needs, offers an effective network traffic monitoring feature, and prevents various hackers and trojans attacking your computer.

2. Q : How many computers can I install Kingsoft Internet Security 9 + on ?

A: Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ have the choice for used on 1 PC or 3 PCs. If Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ is installed or used on multiple computers, the server will warn you of exceeding the number of users licensed and your Kingsoft Internet Security will be locked out.

3. Q: What is the price of Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ Software ?

A: Find pricing and licensing information on the Kingsoft Internet Security Store page.

4. Q: How can try Kingsoft Internet Security ?

A: Please download a free trial of Kingsoft Internet Security 9+ , and please uninstall your existing antivirus solution before installing Kingsoft Internet Security product.

5. Q: Does Kingsoft Internet Security provide extend functions?

A : It also provides you with a lot of convenient tools such as USB Protection, Process Supervisor, History Cleaner, Disk Cleaner, LSP Repair and so on.

6. Q : How I can Active the Kingsoft Internet Security ?

A: You need to buy a license key for annual updates . After you get the licneses key, please activate the new license as follow steps:
1). Open Kingsoft Antivirus.
2). Click the “ Change ” link. (Bottom of the main window under service status)
3). Input the new serial number in the text box.
4). Click “ ok ” .

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Kingsoft Internet Security

Kingsoft Internet Security 9's Trusted Authentication Server contains an ever increasing library of information for over 10 million computer files providing real-time safety checking on the files being currently used on your PC and is growing hourly to incorporate information other active protection network users have previously accessed. It is small in size and will not slow your PC down nor require you to have a comprehensive knowledge of the large array of viruses, Trojans and spyware you encounter whilst using your PC day to day.

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